1500 First St. Napa, CA 94559

(707) 226-1842

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Welcome to Exertec


We understand that everyone wants to look and feel better.  Here at Exertec, we want to take an active role in making that happen for you. 

Our solution isn't to simply offer you a do-it-yourself facility membership and hope you look and feel better. Our solution is to also offer a membership option with the necessary tools available for you so you actually do look and feel better. We believe it takes more than you knowing how to use the equipment to achieve real and lasting transformation. It takes the right level of guidance and motivation to follow through on a plan that efficiently and effectively makes you “look and feel good”. 

Exertec’s premier membership option structured on a results-oriented training plan and support provides you with just that; our Active Membership will help you experience your transformation efficiently and effectively. 

So, whether you simply want a health club to workout in or you are looking for a solution to your fitness needs, if you’re searching for a club that cares about your progress, Exertec is the right club for you!

Contact us and let us help you get started TODAY!