November 2010

Setting a SMART Goal in 2011

What kind of goal do you have in-store for 2011? Will it be to lose weight, to drop inches or to feel healthier once and for all? While your intentions are good, what does “lose weight” or “feel healthier” mean, exactly? These are goals, but they are very general. Every January, we hear declarations from members who say, "This time is different! This is the year I'm going to just do it!" Do you ever ask yourself, “What makes each year different from last year's attempt?”  On average, usually nothing is truly different from the previous year. However, establishing specific goals or “SMART” goals can help you clearly define what it is you really want to achieve.

Our Community

We have some great members at Exertec that have supported us for many years.

There is a group of members that sit around in the lounge area every morning enjoying each other's company. Every morning when I walk through the door these members greet me with smiles that get everyday started in a great mood for me. They show interest in how my ...


We've all heard of IQ, but what about "BQ?"

BQ stands for "Body Intelligence" and is an equally critical type of intelligence to have in life. BQ goes beyond basic spatial awareness and refers to how aware we are of our bodies. BQ is made up of awareness, knowledge, and engagement. Having a high BQ means having a grasp in all three of these areas.

  1. 1. Awareness: This means being in-tune with the messages your body is sending you through signals such as pain or muscle tightness. The greater your body awareness, the more in control you will be of your bodily outcomes.

Cold Weather Running

By Ryan Anderson, CPT