April 2011

Doug Howard

April 2011

Doug has been a loyal and active member of Exertec for over 20 years! It is inspiring to see Doug continue to stick with his efforts to exercise so he can stay healthy despite his admission that exercise has never been fun. We hope to have him as our member for many more years to come!

Rethinking Our "Wants" vs. "Needs"

My mind has recently been preoccupied with what is going on in my home country (Japan). I’m thankful that my family is safe, but my heart goes out to the thousands of people who lost their homes, family, and friends in the East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster (東日本大震災) last month.

As tragic as the disaster was, keeping track of what the people in the region were going through got me thinking… We Japanese have been given a rare opportunity to appreciate many of the things that we often take for granted.