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When it comes to our health, we’ve come a long way, baby!

While Americans are far from perfect when it comes to diet and fitness, we are making baby steps in the right direction when it comes to achieving sustainable, balanced healthy lifestyles. Nevertheless, once in a while we still get overwhelmed in our world of passing diet fads and the pressure that comes from watching our favorite celebrity lose her pregnancy weight in 3 weeks.

But no matter how crazy today’s weight loss trends seem to be, they’re nothing compared to those of recent and not-so-recent history.

Fueling for Gold

From February 7th till February 23rd some of us will tune-in to watch the 2014 winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. Sprinkled among the events will be personal interest stories on some of the Olympians. We get an inside look at an athlete’s earliest beginnings in their sport and the long, hard journey they took to get to the Olympics. We learn what makes a champion.

Interval Training

If you are stuck in a period of limited progress, whether your goal is weight loss, general fitness, or sport specific conditioning, it may be time to dial up the intensity. The human body is highly adaptable and, without some sort of progression, will adjust to your training regimen over time. A perfect remedy for such a scenario is the introduction of interval training.

Being a Google-Tarian

I spent a few days in Tahoe with family right after Christmas and one evening our conversation turned to health and fitness (as it often does after consuming several types of homemade holiday cookies and candies). One of my cousins is an experienced runner. He’s got several half and full marathons under his belt. Although he appears as the picture of health, he had a confession.

“Yeah, I run a lot, but I tend to reward myself with too much food. It’s always been the most difficult part for me.” He added, “I’m going to try to make myself eat paleo.”

Seeing Exercise as a Gift, Not a Chore

We have arrived at the close of another year… and here I was just getting used to writing “2013” on my checks.  I do love the holiday season though, for so many reasons. The decorations, the chill in the air, the family get-togethers, sending and receiving Christmas cards and let’s be honest, the return of many fabulous traditional recipes and goodies!

A New Twist - Stabilize Your Core

By Kevin O'Callahan, Exertec CPT

When discussing the “core” what comes to mind? Ones thinking about this often talked about area can really make a difference when exercising. Training the core with crunches and side bends primarily isn’t effective for building a strong, balanced midsection.

If a Zombie Was Chasing You.....

What do you think would make you run faster? Stronger? Longer? Better?  My husband is a runner, and in addition to listening to his favorite music, he says he often imagines that he is running to save the lives of his family members. He says this gives him the mental picture he needs to run longer and faster.  Another friend says she imagines a sick relative of hers when she runs. She says this makes her feel grateful for her own strength, and therefore she pushes herself harder.

Everything you need to know to stay F.I.T.T


With all the media coverage, magazine articles, and hype surrounding the “perfect” exercise program it can be hard to figure out what to do in the gym. My motto, “keep it simple”. Here are a few tips to remember when designing your exercise programs. 

Frequency: How many days a week are you going to commit? Pick a number that is REALISTIC and stick with it. The general recommendation is 3-5 d/wk

Healthy Changes We Can Live With

I recently took a small, informal poll among people I know regarding eating habits and weight loss. I asked them, “ What eating plans/programs have you tried in the past to lose weight?”

Here were some of the responses:

“I didn’t eat before 10am or after 5:00pm.”

“I only ate prepared frozen meals that were delivered to my home.”

“I quit eating all desserts.”

“I tried using a smaller dinner plate.”

“I stopped going to dinner parties because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control my eating.”

“I cut out all carbs of any kind.”

Life’s no Solitary Sport

On September 1, 2013, this Labor Day weekend, 64-year old Diana Nyad became the first person to successfully swim from Cuba to Key West without being enclosed in a shark cage for her safety.  This was Diana’s fifth attempt at this particular challenge in 35 years. She also completed the feat without wearing swim fins or a wetsuit. 

It took her just under 53 hours to swim the 110-mile journey—one that is said to be treacherous to say the least. Diana faced sharks, swarms of jellyfish, ocean squalls and the dangerous Gulf Stream current for two nights and two days.