Member of the Month

Judy Gorr

July 2013

This month we’d like to feature long-time Exertec member, Judy Gorr. Judy has been with us for 24 of our 30 years. She’s a regular, friendly face around the club, and we’re happy to have her with us! 

Andrew Harrison

June 2013

Soon after the New Year, Andrew Harrison decided to join Exertec to make some major lifestyle changes. Here’s his success story in his words. Thanks, Andrew!

"I decided to treat my body with the attention it deserved. I wanted to lose weight and be more active in my life. Also, I used to smoke cigarettes. It was a very bad habit and exercising helped me find the drive to see that it was a waste of my time, so I quit. 

Group of the Month! T/Th 8:30AM Body Sculpt Express Class

May 2013

For May 2013 the Member of the Month is not one person, or even a whole's a whole group of Exertec members that have made a commitment to themselves and to reaching a goal of living their Optimal Life.

Hurtado Family

April 2013

The Hurtado Family: Francisco, Martha, Monica, Omar and Ximena

This month we’d like to do something a little different and feature an Exertec family who we feel sets a good example for health and fitness. Francisco and Martha Hurtado have been Exertec members for 10 years, along with their three children: Monica, Omar, and Ximena. All 5 of them can be found working out in the club on a regular basis-- in Group X classes, the weight room, or cardio training.

Suzanne Morrill

February 2013 Member of the Month

Suzanne Morrill has been a member of Exertec for 7 months. Here is her honest and inspiring story in her own words.

Emily Bush

Note: Emily’s hard work has paid off in more ways than one! She recently placed second in Exertec’s first ever “12 Days of Christmas” fitness contest. Congratulations, Emily!

Rona Franzoia

December 2012

My name is Rona and I have been a member of Exertec since June. While I had achieved fitness success at my prior health club, the facility was too crowded for my taste. This is what brought me to Exertec. When I first joined, I met with Personal Trainer Tricia Doughty. I explained to her that I had previous success with the treadmill, elliptical, and by doing sit-ups. I had lost some inches in my midsection, but wanted to lose more.

Spotlight on Brian Curtis Physical Therapist

Exertec has been lucky to have Brian Curtis and his successful Physical Therapy office in the club since 2000. This month we'd like to feature Brian by sharing his personal story of his own place in the field of health and fitness.

I was born in Canada, but came to the Napa Valley in 1977 to begin college at PUC. After completing my pre-physical therapy coursework, I transferred to Loma Linda University and graduated in 1983. My wife (who I met in PT school) and I remained in the Loma Linda area for 4 years after graduation but moved to Napa in 1987.

Cris Hangman

October 2012

I’ve been a member of Exertec off and on for many years, but consistently since August 2011. When I joined, I had a general feeling of malaise. While I have always been overweight, as I got older I began to feel more lethargic and my arthritis in my right knee was getting worse. 

Michi Gates

September 2012

-Nominated (with love) by her husband, Allan Rohrer.

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