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By Tricia Doughty, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

Runners' Workshop Feedback

Michele Wurz, one of our valued members had this to say about our Personal Trainer Jeff Ansley's Runner's Workshop: "His commitment to the class, professionalism and knowledge with meeting my goals far exceeded my expectations. I am very happy he is a part of the Exertec team."
Stay tuned for more opportunities to join one of Personal Training clubs, including our latest-- the "Tri-Club" designed to get beginners ready for their first sprint Triathlon! Flyers are available in the Personal Training office now!

13 Ways to Reduce Your Sodium Intake:

This information was found and submitted by Lisa Meltzer, CPT 1.First find out how much salt you're getting by writing down everything you eat and its sodium content. Don't forget condiments! 2. Read food lables to check ...

Nutrition on a Budget

By Ryan Anderson, CPT

Cold Weather Running

By Ryan Anderson, CPT

Setting a SMART Goal in 2011

What kind of goal do you have in-store for 2011? Will it be to lose weight, to drop inches or to feel healthier once and for all? While your intentions are good, what does “lose weight” or “feel healthier” mean, exactly? These are goals, but they are very general. Every January, we hear declarations from members who say, "This time is different! This is the year I'm going to just do it!" Do you ever ask yourself, “What makes each year different from last year's attempt?”  On average, usually nothing is truly different from the previous year. However, establishing specific goals or “SMART” goals can help you clearly define what it is you really want to achieve.

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What exactly is Personal Training?

Lately it seems that Personal Training has had much higher visibility in popular culture. There are now multiple reality-based programs on television featuring Personal Trainers which aim to both entertain and inspire viewers. These programs often show Personal Trainers pushing men and women of all ages to their physical and mental limits in the name of health or for some-- survival. Some shows feature marathon workout sessions and drastic lifestyle changes. Others focus more on the emotional and mental challenges of weight loss.

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